The Rhythm Method

Sex, DRUMS and Rock'n'Roll!

Sex, DRUMS and Rock'n'Roll!
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Written by Emporor Stan   
Thursday, 05 January 2012 21:19

The Rhythm Method hit NUMBER ONE on Amazon, genre-specific, at the start of 2012. Not bad going for a book that has been out now for three years - it is still selling well and now merits the moniker of "A Cult Classic!"

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In this recently-published book – described by The Word as ‘one of the 8 greatest rock memoirs’ - the Revillos' sticksman draws on his musical escapades in the 1970s punk scene and beyond into the 1980s.

Delve into The Rhythm Method and be part of the euphoric high of appearing on Top Of The Pops and playing gigs across the world: you'll be there, backstage, onstage, and back in the hotel room... You'll have sordid sex in low places, sign to Virgin and record at Abbey Road, be idolised, and then discarded.

Author Nicky Forbes throws you right inside the band's van, on an ill-advised and relentless tour across America. You'll be in the thick of the squabbles, the high jinks, laughs and punch-ups. And you'll hang out with dozens of infamous groups and characters from a fascinating period of recent musical history.

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YOU WANT MORE? Wow, you sure drive a hard bargain! OK then: if you buy The Rhythm Method from this site only you can request a copy signed by the author and personally dedicated: at the PayPal screen called 'Review Your Purchase' there's an option to 'Add Special Instructions To Merchant'. Click this to leave your details, before paying. Don't forget to say what name you want the book made out to!

MARK LAMARR, BBC TV and radio presenter, says: "The Rhythm Method kept me awake two nights in a row; one reading it, the next trying to erase the sex scenes from my mind. A handy reminder never to be in a band, even a great one." With a limited edition cover designed by renowned lowbrow fetish artist Vince Ray, The Rhythm Method is fast becoming a cult classic. Click 'Reviews' to see more, er, reviews.

Click 'Book Sampler' to start enjoying The Rhythm Method - a cracking good read from Suffolk and Watt Publishers!

Oh and there is a snail mail option: if you must, you can write a cheque for £15 made out to Nicky Forbes (or an International Money Order) and send it with your full address to: Book Offer, Ruskin Press, 65 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4QS.

Or you can order the book from any bookshop, worldwide, by quoting the ISBN number below. It takes ages, mind:
The Rhythm Method
Author Nicky Forbes
ISBN 978-0-9545985-3-2
256 pages
30 previously unseen photographs
size 208mmx138mm

"One of the 8 greatest rock memoirs!"

Latest review is in The Tribune. See other reviews in drum mag Rhythm, M magazine, Scootering and in last November's The Word - music magazine of the year - which is featuring The Rhythm Method as **one of the 8 greatest rock memoirs.** We can't argue with that!

See readers' reviews at - search for 'Nicky Forbes' and you'll get straight to the book details.

Some book readings are planned for London so check back for dates.

Launch Party Video

See a video of The Rhythm Method launch party gig at

Most of the show is on YouYube - search for 'RevillosRelated' and it'll all come up.

Here's the set list from the launch evening:

Secret of the Shadow, ZX7, Diamonds, Sabre Dance, Wipeout, Space in my Heart, Lived In, America, Manhunt, Apache, Telstar, Mystery Action, Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight.


A new version of The Rhythm Method is now out, with a fabulous, limited edition green cover replacing the long-run purple cover.